Hiking and Trekking Tours

Step out into the fresh mountain air at the most beautiful and highest B&H viewpoints.

You have many opportunities for challenging hikes and pleasant strolls all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and we are ready to walk all over them with you. Prenj, Visočica, Čvrsnica, Lukomir are just a few places whose magnificent views you will enjoy during the hike.

We have something for both experienced hikers and those who are not into big climbs, and who only want to enjoy walks and treks with stunning panoramas. Hiking tours are usually one day tours and walking time is between four to six hours. The tours include a professional guide, usage of backpacks and hiking sticks, and lunch box.

Enjoy hiking tours with our expert guides who are familiar with the area, weather and wildlife! Learn about the amazing natural and cultural history of the area you’re visiting, flora and fauna, see unique and hidden spots that are not easily visible.